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Constantine 2 Not Cancelled After All!

Constantine 2 Not Cancelled After All!  It seems like  just yesterday  we were expressing disappointment about Constantine 2. See, Keanu Reeves stars in this excellent 2005 movie  Constantine  and its upcoming sequel. yesterday news began spreading that the sequel was no longer happenings. But, like in life, time heals all wounds and we’re now back in a happy place where Constantine is back on the WB Discovery slate. At least it is  according to EW : Well, rest assured that, even in the face of a lot of reshuffling of the DC superhero slate, the film is still happening. A spokesperson for Warner Bros. confirmed to EW that Constantine 2 is not scrapped. Internet chatter going around social media suggested it had been. Reeves will be reprising his role of John Constantine, the magic-wielding occult expert made popular by Alan Moore and Stephen R. Bissette’s Hellblazer comics. Anything that falls outside of that main DCU line-up, including the upcoming  The Batman — Part II , will exist a